We welcome the placement of commercial advertising in the Journal. The vast majority of our readers – certainly those based in Africa – receive Africa Health free of any subscription charges. A combination of donor support by the leading international agencies and income from advertising ensures we can continue in this way, and provide our readers with the only healthcare publication both relevant and practical to Africa’s own circumstances.

Advertising in Africa Health has specific and very tangible benefits for our commercial clients. Thirty years of continuous publication has built an envied reputation for informed excellence within our distribution area of mainly sub-Saharan, English speaking Africa. The Journal has become the region’s most effective print media platform for the dissemination of information to its healthcare professionals. Our advertisers and clients openly acknowledge the power and authority of Africa Health.

Our offering

We offer a number of both traditional as well as more innovative ways of engaging commercially with our clients:

– Our exclusive Publishing Partner Programme, providing exceptional features and value for its participants

– Competitive spot and serial advertising to fit your campaign objectives

– Inclusion of clearly defined client facing supplements in the Journal

– Publication of special review sections in the Journal, giving focus to a specific healthcare or related issue

– Sponsorship opportunities surrounding both of our specialist healthcare publications – The African Journal of Respiratory Medicine and The African Journal of Diabetes Medicine – and within Africa Health itself.

Without labouring the point, editorial control remains at all times with the Editor. However we are always happy to discuss with the client’s Public Relations and Marketing teams the right way for both parties to strengthen the commercial relationship without incurring any reputational risk for either side.

Finally, we adhere at all times to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations and the World Health Organization guidelines on advertising content, and ask our clients to do so too. We also adhere to the Advertising Standards Authority guidelines.

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We look forward to answering your questions, and welcoming you as a client.

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