Africa Health January 2012



Shima’s Opinion: What is homosexuality? Sexual orientation is once again a divisive issue. Shima Gyoh brings some rational thought to the debate. Shima Gyoh


Francis’ Opinion: The communication gap is a critical barrier to closing the implementation gap. Francis Omaswa on the difficulties of communicating sound policy plans. Francis Omaswa


Newsdesk: A round-up of news including: Dual-acting antimalarial compounds; Family planning


Malaria: Control of malaria in pregnancy: an elusive target. Prof. William R Brieger

Medicines Patent Pool

Medicines Patent Pool: Improving access to ARVs and stimulating innovation for new medicines. Kaitlin Mara


Procurement: Saving lives through stronger health supply chains. Maya Jaffe

Knowledge management

Knowledge management: Infectious diseases: a selection of resources. John Eyers

Clinical Review

Clinical Review: AIDS, Paediatrics; Medicine

Medicine Digest

Medicine Digest: General; Cardiology; Surgery; Obs & Gyn; Tropical; Pulmonary; AIDS; Paediatrics; Infection

CPD Challenge

CPD Challenge: Test yourself on the articles appearing in this edition of Africa Health. Answers on page 54.

Publishing Partners

Publishing Partners: An update on activities from our Publishing Partners

Clinical Quiz

Clinical Quiz: A mixed medical bag. Answers on page 41.


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