Africa Health November 2014



Shima’s Opinion: Human organ sales: regulating against the racketeers. As scientific understanding continues to advance, so ‘spare part surgery’ is becoming ubiquitous. But as Shima Gyoh observes, we also need to regulate against exploitation of innocent individuals. Shima Gyoh


Francis’ Opinion: Ebola: communities need to be empowered to manage their own destiny. Effective local government leadership can mould societies. Whether it is Ebola, immunisation or attendance at antenatal clinics, as Francis Omaswa says, if you ’embed the health of the people in the routine governance of society’ results follow. Francis Omaswa


Newsdesk: A round-up of news including: United Nations entrepreneur taps African oil for child health; World Health Organization warns of MERS risk to Africa; Obesity: Africa’s new crisis.

Regional health

Regional health: Sit up or shut up: regional organisations and health. Stephen Kingah

Research capacity

Research capacity: Health research capacity in Africa: how to measure? Alison Dunn


Malaria: Malaria in the time of Ebola. Prof. William R Brieger

Malaria prevention

Malaria prevention: Protecting the Sahel’s children with Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention. Aleksandra Misiorowska, Medicines for Malaria Venture’s Associate Director, Product Management

Health systems

Health systems: Back to basics: designing an appropriate health financing system. Jo Kemp, Senior Consultant in Public Financial Management and Governance, Crown Agents

Ebola prevention

Ebola prevention: First-hand Ebola: protecting health workers and supporting communities in Sierra Leone. Susan Elden, Public Health Expert, Department for International Development

Medicine Publishing

Medicine Publishing: Epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections: worldwide. David Mabey

Sexually transmitted infections in women: history and examination. Bavithra Nathan and Jan Welch

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Clinical Review

Clinical Review: Dermatology; Medicine

Medicine Digest

Medicine Digest: Oncology; Neurology; Obs & Gyn; Cardiovascular; Paediatrics; Tuberculosis; Infection

CPD Challenge

CPD Challenge: Test yourself on the articles appearing in this edition of Africa Health. Answers on page 54.

Clinical Quiz

Clinical Quiz: Hard of hearing. Answers on page 43.

Publishing Partners

Publishing Partners: An update on activities from our Publishing Partners


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