Guidance to authors

Africa Health is a review journal and does not publish original articles. The Editor welcomes submissions for publication, but requests that to avoid disappointment, wherever possible, it is best to contact him in advance to discuss subject, length and timing. You can do this by completing the Contact Us form.

The journal seeks to cover a wide range of subjects ranging from clinical care topics to health management, education, and CPD programme structure; anything of relevance to a busy physician or senior health professional practicing in Africa.

Whilst longer articles can be accepted, articles of 1250 to 1750 words are most commonly published. Illustrations and photographs are important, (we deliberately try not to be too text intensive) and these are best sent as JPEG or PDF files (please submit high resolution (300dpi) CMYK illustrations and photographs. Images taken from websites are of a low resolution and not suitable for print).

Ideally, we prefer articles sent by email. Articles should be saved as a Microsoft Word document. Illustrations and photographs should be sent as additional attachments to the Word document.

For all contributions, referencing should be numerical and in the Vancouver style. If you prefer, it is acceptable to simple append a list of ‘For further reading’ rather than adopting the more formal referencing style.

If you are making practice points then we will include questions from the article in our ‘CPD Challenge’. Suggestions as to what might be one or two key questions from your article would be welcomed. The format is to pose a simple question and then have four or five multiple-choice answers.

Please note that all articles submitted to Africa Health are deemed to have been offered exclusively to the journal, unless otherwise stated. Copyright in papers published will be vested in the publishers. The Editor reserves the right to shorten or to make other alterations to articles at his discretion.

Africa Health is published by:

African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST)
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