Africa Health January 2014



Shima’s Opinion: Who’s pulling your leg? Shima Gyoh celebrates big business failure to start patenting genes and whatever would have been next on the list. Shima Gyoh


Francis’ Opinion: Governance and health outcomes. The issues are inextricably linked. Francis Omaswa observes. Francis Omaswa


Newsdesk: A round-up of news including: Strengthening health workforce in Africa; HIV causes structural heart disease

Medic East Africa

Medic East and West Africa: A feast of records. Medic West Africa broke all records this year. Bryan Pearson reports, and remembers back to the early beginnings of the meeting over 25 years ago!

Yes Minister! Medic East Africa starts early. Three weeks after Lagos, the show set up again in Nairobi for what turned out to be another excellent event. BP reports.


Malaria: World Malaria Report 2013: surveillance and monitoring. Prof. William R Brieger

Knowledge management

Knowledge management: Under the microscope: how to improve quality of laboratory equipment and diagnostics in Africa. David Whybrew, Technical Manager, Crown Agents

Urinary catheters

Urinary catheters: Evidence-based practice in relation to indwelling urinary catheters. Dr. Angela Savage

Medicine Publishing

Medicine Publishing: The unconscious patient. Tim Cooksley and Mark Holland

Stroke. Keith W Muir

(These articles are reproduced by kind permission of Medicine Publishing Copyright 2014 Published by Elsevier Ltd)

Clinical Review

Clinical Review: Medicine; Paediatrics; AIDS

Medicine Digest

Medicine Digest: Surgery; Infection; Obs & Gyn; Rheumatology; Oncology; Critical Care; Psychiatry; Paediatrics

CPD Challenge

CPD challenge: Test yourself on the articles appearing in this edition of Africa Health. Answers on page 54.

Clinical Quiz

Clinical Quiz: Just another one of life’s burdens. Answers on page 42.

Publishing Partners

Publishing Partners: An update on activities from our Publishing Partners


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