Africa Health March 2017



Shima’s Opinion: Management of intersex problems. Shima Gyoh


Francis’ Opinion: Reigniting the health workforce debate. Francis Omaswa


Newsdesk: A round-up of news including: Roll Back Malaria appoints new CEO; To test Zika vaccines, scientists need a new outbreak; African disease burden offers pharmaceuticals opportunity

Malaria investment

Malaria investment: What does it take to invest in control and elimination of malaria? Prof. William R Brieger

eHealth case study

eHealth case study: Integrated community health pilot.

Disease threat

Disease threat: Non-communicable diseases pose an increasing threat in the developing world. Lorelei Silvester

Medicine Publishing

Medicine Publishing: Drug interactions. Cormac Kennedy, Linda Brewer, David Williams

(These articles are reproduced by kind permission of Medicine Publishing Copyright 2017 Published by Elsevier Ltd)

Clinical Review

Clinical Review: STI; Family Medicine; Ophthalmology

Medicine Digest

Medicine Digest: Paediatrics; Cardiology; Infection; Mental health; Diabetes; Obs & Gyn; Gastroenterology

CPD Challenge

CPD Challenge: Test yourself on the articles appearing in this edition of Africa Health. Answers on page 39.

Clinical Quiz

Clinical Quiz: Taking a back seat. Answers on page 34.


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