Angolas’ Health Minister worried about new cases of Tuberculosis


Angola: Cunene – On a a two-day working visit to Cunene, Sílvia Lutucuta described the situation in Angola as very worrying since the program has enough medicines to respond to the cases.

The figures show that in 2018 the province of Cunene reported 1,200 cases of tuberculosis, with 177 cases of abandonment of therapy and 53 deaths, against 986 cases recorded in 2017, she said.

The minister also expressed concern about HIV / AIDS, stressing that Cunene province was the region with the highest seroprevalence of the disease and currently represents a rate of 6.1 percent.

The official called for the need to step up efforts in some aspects such as the technician’s technical diagnostic capacity and the increase of equipment to determine the patients’ viral load.

Sílvia Lutucuta, who visited the General Hospital of Ondjiva, learned of its operation.


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