Ecobank supports partnership to reduce impact of HIV, TB and malaria


The Ecobank Foundation, along with two of its partners, the West African College of Physicians (WACP) and the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), London launched the second year of a strategic partnership to reduce the impact of HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria.

The Millennium Development Goal 6 Partnership for African Clinical Training (M-PACT) is a three-year project sponsored by the Ecobank Foundation, and managed by the WACP, together with the RCP, London.

Through helping to build local capacity, the project supports member countries of the WACP in tackling HIV, TB and malaria. In the first year of the partnership, the project delivered three clinical training courses, one each in Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. The project trained 94 doctors in total, while two ‘Doctors as Educators’ courses were organised in Ibadan and Accra, aimed at raising the skills of local trainers.

The programme has enabled doctors in the region to become better equipped to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage the challenging conditions of HIV, TB and malaria. The course also features leadership training for outbreak investigations, such as the Ebola crisis.

Dr. Braimah Baba Abubakari, clinical course participant in Accra, has seen improvements in his practice, reporting: ‘My index of suspicion of TB, HIV cases has gone up, and more cases have been diagnosed and are receiving treatment, especially those with co-infection. The incidence of malaria diagnosis on the other hand is reduced because I screen before treatment.’


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