Kenya: Travellers from Angola must show Yellow Fever vaccination proof or be sent home


Kenya was among the first East African countries to react to the growing Yellow Fever outbreak in Angola, which has already claimed in excess of 250 lives.

Travellers arriving in Nairobi from Luanda on the non-stop flights by Kenya Airways will either have to produce a yellow fever inoculation certificate – vaccinations are only becoming effective 10 days after getting the shot – or be sent straight back home, to avoid a further infiltration of the disease into Kenya. At least two travellers from Angola who came to Kenya in recent days have been isolated after found to suffer from the disease.

Kenyan health authorities enforced the rule already yesterday at the international airports.

Kenyans and Kenyan residents intending to travel to Angola now also required to show proof that they have been vaccinated, which, once done, lasts for 10 years.

Kenya, and other East African countries, are today better prepared than ever before to deal with such situations as a result of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which prompted health authorities to implement and absorb a range of recommendations by the World Health Organization and the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta.

Travellers to Kenya from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia are presently not required to show evidence of a Yellow Fever inoculation and Kenya has, apart from the two ‘imported’ cases, been free of the disease for many years.

Kenyan officials were also quick to reassure the tourists that no danger exists for them.

Travellers with questions are advised to consult their respective airlines and/or travel agents and get familiarised with international health recommendations for travel to Africa.

Written by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome, ETN Africa Correspondent. This story was sourced from the ETurboNews (ETN) website.


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