‘Monkey Pox’ outbreak kills two in Central African Republic


Health authorities in the Central African Republic are urging the public to avoid contact with dead animals while an outbreak of Monkey Pox is reported in Mbomou, south of the country.

The Ministry of Health recorded two deaths and forty people have been placed in quarantine. But they have assured that the situation is under control.

This is the 3rd time Central African Republic is recording cases of Monkey Pox. Earlier cases were in 2001 in Mbomou, and 2014 in Haute Kotto. But the disease appeared for the first time in Democratic Republic of Congo in 1970s.

The Monkey pox is a viral disease with symptoms similar to that of chicken pox.

It is mostly found in West and Central Africa; it begins with a high fever followed by a rash.

The virus is also spread from person to person, especially a sick or dead person to another. But according to the health experts, this pattern is extremely rare.

Currently, there is no specific treatment or vaccine to cope with the disease, but the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the vaccine against smallpox within two weeks after exposure to animals.

Story sourced from http://www.africanews.com


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