UK NGO to train 800 Liberian midwives to fight maternal mortality


A United Kingdom based non-governmental organisation, Life for African Mothers (LFAM) has disclosed a plan to train 800 Liberian midwives to help fight maternal mortality in the country.LFAM is a maternal health charity group fighting to make birth safer in sub-Saharan Africa and provide medication to treat Eclampsia and postpartum haemorrhage and limit maternal mortality.

Speaking at the opening of a weeklong training for midwives in Monrovia Monday, the Chief Executive Officer of LFAM, Angela Gorman, said her dream is to reduce maternal mortality in Liberia, and that her group will train the 800 midwives in two years in all the 15 political sub-divisions in the country and provide medication to treat the complications of child birth through hospitals on a free of charge basis to reduce the maternal mortality rate.

She expressed confidence that the training will increase the confidence and skills of midwives in Liberia, and commended midwives who have been undergoing intensive training.

She stressed the need for community campaign to educate mothers on maternal mortality.

Also making remarks, a UK-based Midwife, Helen Loeweinstein, said she will be in Liberia for the next six months to conduct effective training along with the local staff and some expatriates who are expected in the country.

Also in remarks, the Country Director of Life for African Mothers in Liberia, Abdul-Rahman Bah, said an intensive training for senior students in midwifery is currently ongoing at the Monrovia Bible College in Monrovia.

This story was sourced from the Star Africa website.


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