Unending crisis in Nigeria’s health sector


Nigeria’s health sector has continued to have it’s ups and downs, with constant problems arising across the nation from different health institutions.

The Federal Medical Centre in Owerri, Imo State resumed work after shutting for almost three months and instead taking to religious gatherings in the hospital premises. This was caused by a face-off between members of different unions in the hospital and some members of top management.

Two contending factions in the Medical and Health Workers Union in Rivers State reportedly disagreed over the appointment of a caretaker committee to man the affairs of the association. A faction wrote to the State Governor claiming the existence of the other is illegal and describing them as imposters.

The Secretary General of the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria, Marcus Omokhuale said the seven-man caretaker committee is not recognised by the national secretariat, which has the powers to dissolve any state executive.

The situation at the Federal Medical Centre, Ondo State was more of a physical one as the Association of Resident Doctors, led by Dr. Isaiah Oke, prayed to the Federal Ministry of Health to remove its interim administrator, Dr. Adediran Kolajo on grounds of victimisation of his members and destruction of properties in a relaxation lounge they built inside the hospital. The counterparts of the resident doctors in University College Hospital, Ibadan also called off their strike after leaving work for 105 days.


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