Africa Health July 2016



Shima’s Opinion: Yellow fever: ignore at our peril. The resurgence of yellow fever in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo should constitute an African emergency if not an international one, argues Shima Gyoh. Shima Gyoh


Francis’ Opinion: Who will coordinate the Global Health Workforce Agenda? The World Health Organization downgrades the Global Health Workforce Alliance to a network. Can this achieve the still much needed scope and vision of the original body? Francis Omaswa is concerned. Francis Omaswa


Newsdesk: A round-up of news including: Scientists hail Zika virus vaccine success; Hospitals in developing countries lack running water; Yellow fever death toll passes 400 in Africa

Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets: Manufacturing mosquito nets in Africa: can we do more? Prof. William R Brieger

Malaria breakthrough

Malaria breakthrough: Magnetic filter offers the potential of treating malaria without drugs.

Medicine Publishing

Medicine Publishing: Drugs of abuse. Simon L Hill and Simon HL Thomas

(These articles are reproduced by kind permission of Medicine Publishing Copyright 2016 Published by Elsevier Ltd)

Clinical Review

Clinical Review: Pharmacy; Public Health

CPD Challenge

CPD Challenge: Test yourself on the articles appearing in this edition of Africa Health. Answers on page 39.

Clinical Quiz

Clinical Quiz: The sedentary lifestyle. Answers on page 33.


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